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How to Increase the FPS on Your Webcam

Earlier versions came in as external devices that you attach at the top of your screen. Now, there have been built-in models that you will often find in almost all of the laptops, tablets, and smartphones out in the market. You can go to Google Meet or Microsoft Teams and click select the option to […]

Integrated camera driver for windows 10 How to fix common camera problems on Windows 10 » NaijaTopVibes صنایع پتروشیمی دنا

Roll Back Driver is a Windows Device Manager feature that is available in all versions of Windows. This feature enables you to uninstall the currently-installed driver of a hardware device and then install the previous version. Another method that might solve the webcam problem is to disable and re-enable it. Some users have reported that […]

8 Ways to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Once you complete the steps, the available updates will download and install automatically. Once you complete the steps, the process will apply the settings and direct you to the Windows 11 desktop. If this is a reinstallation, click the “I don’t have a product key” option to continue. This includes the ability to crop a […]

How to Use the PS3 Eye on Skype

I was use zero client but incapable use webcam. Are there software for webcam connect to zero client, vcloudpoint? Once added, you will see the selected video feed in ManyCam. You can add new layers in ManyCam and assign other NDI® feeds to them. Install it following the instructions from the webpage, and when you’re […]

How can I reset to the Windows 10 factory settings?

In this Windows 10 article, we’ll guide you through the various steps you can use to reset and reinstall Windows 10. The top one is ‘Reset this PC,’ which is available in all versions of Windows 10. Another option is ‘Fresh Start,’ which allows you to reinstall Windows while removing bloatware and crapware loaded on […]

Unable to load DLL ‘mfplat dll’ Issue #2 naudio NAudio WaveFormRenderer

Don’t worry you can easily recover files deleted from recycle bin. As DLL Files can be used by more than one program many of them are included by default in any windows installation. So, when you install a program, it is assumed that the DLL file it needs is already present on your system. As […]

How to Create a Zip File in Windows: 7 Steps with Pictures

This will cause the ZIP file to extract to the current folder. It can take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes for your file to finish extracting. Once it does, the extracted folder should open. Then run the following command in the directory you just unzipped the file. So that’s all about […]

How do I fix api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0 dll missing error?

This DLL is part of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable, and usually not installed alongside the software program that throws the error. I downloaded and installed Cura 2.4 just like my other versions but when I go to open it it gives me an error message that says… “The program can’t start…” message appears, when […]